Question Cards for Meetings – A Serious Game


kerdes-kartya-front-enWe created Question Cards to facilitate productive and efficient meetings. This serious game ensures focus on the essential points of the subject matter from the beginning and also promotes openness among the participants. The cards inspire a light-hearted opening round, the content of which the participants determine together . Ideally, 4-10 participants are involved.

Question Cards are recommended for intra-organisational meetings having one major topic, such as decision-making, strategic planning, or project kick-off meetings. The higher the stakes are, the stronger the focusing and inclusive effects of the game become, and the more worthwhile is the time spent. In addition to use during the opening round, the card game can be pressed into service again when a meeting seems to bog down or when a change of focus is needed.

The instructions of the game can be flexibly and creatively adjusted to the circumstances. Like a good coach, the game provides a framework and becomes dispensable once a routine for getting meetings underway is established.

The instructions are in the box. We would greatly appreciate your feedback! Please let us know your thoughts about Question Cards:

We wish you inspired meetings!

György Martin Hajdu and Nandor Bognar


The game takes 5-15 minutes, depending on the number of participants.

Game Procedure

Drawing Cards

  • Each participant draws 3 cards from the shuffled deck. Each card contains an open question (e.g., What is at stake for me in this meeting?).

Choosing the Question to Be Answered

  • From the cards drawn, each participant chooses the one question that seems most relevant toward the efficacy the meeting. The Joker cards allow participants to formulate their own questions.
  • The chosen questions are read out, one by one, by each participant.
  • The participants vote to determine the most appropriate question for the meeting. If the voting is inconclusive, a maximum of 3 questions can be selected.

Sharing the Answers

  • Each participant has 1 minute to reply to the selected question. If more than one question is selected, each participant chooses which one of the questions to answer. It is important to speak on one’s own behalf and to be brief, concrete, clear and personal.

Concluding the Game

  • The person calling the meeting has 2 minutes at the end of the round to reflect on what has been said by answering the question, “What have I understood from all this?”

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