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Dear Executives,

In the spirit of the Telekom 2017 strategy, our company is in a state of continuous change and renewal. On the road to the achievement of our objectives and long-term success, one of the greatest challenges our leadership community faces is to establish and maintain the corporate culture that motivates the people working for the company to fully put into use their talent and creativity.

It is to support the above effort that the online series titled “The leader within me” is launched in the middle of April and shall continue through the spring of next year, in the course of which period every other week a brief leadership case or theme and related interactive means will support the individual development of members of the leadership team.

In order to promote the efficiency of the series, we have attached several interactive elements to the series of reading materials:

Online personal notebook, , in which you can record your most interesting thoughts, observations, ideas, as well as goals and decisions. It is to help you at the end of the process in looking back upon the thought process, the most peculiar impulses and significant development milestones;
One-on-one consultation sessions, , in the course of which, you will have the opportunity to contemplate the development aspect you deem most relevant for yourself with the help of the consultants, like you would in a coaching session;
Team consultation of a supervision type, offering the opportunity to work with specific topics with fellow executives, building on your own and their experience.
The audio version of the reading materials will be available to download by clicking on the respective links in the letters sent out, by which we strive to fulfill the diverse expectations of users.

We hope that the reading materials will invite you to exchange ideas, thus promoting our successful future and the evolution of the underlying Magyar Telekom culture, paving the way to the achievement of our shared objectives.

Best regards,
4V team

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